Week Two (9/16/16)

In Class
1. Quick review of last class
2.  Read/Discuss: Effective Academic Essays I Introduction, II The Thesis Statement (packet, pages 5-6)
3. Read the responses to your topic on "Bloodchild" and discuss the issues it presents in a small group. Report your findings to the large group. 
4. After each group reports on its topic and the class discusses it, post a tentative thesis statement for that particular topic HERE. Responses HERE
5. III.II The Body Paragraphs (packet, pages 8-9)
6. As a group, put together a body paragraph supporting a thesis for "Bloodchild" HERE
   Please ONLY summarize evidence--No quoting from the story yet. 

Assignments due Sept. 23 
Go to the library databases, find and download/print these two secondary sources for "Bloodchild":
  1. "Bloodchild." Short Stories for Students. Ed. Tim Akers. Vol. 6. Detroit: Gale, 1999. 23-37.
  2. Kristen Lillvis. "Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Slavery?: The Problem and Promise of Mothering in Octavia E. Butler’s “Bloodchild”." MELUS: Multi-Ethnic Literature of the U.S. 39.4 (2014): 7-22.
Read source #1 and read/browse #2, then answer the questions in THIS FORM (15 points).