Week Five (10/7)

In your Wikipedia sandbox, create two new sections. 

In the first section, summarize pages 116-124 of  Sandra Y. Govan's "Disparate Spirits Yet Kindred Souls: Octavia E. Butler, 'Speech Sounds,' and Me." Strange Matings: Science Fiction, Feminism, African American Voices, and Octavia E. Butler. Ed. Rebecca J. Holden and Nisi Shawl. Seattle, WA: Aqueduct, 2013.

After the summary, copy three quotations from the reading using bullet points.
In the second section, summarize Isiah Lavender III's article "Digging Deep: Ailments of Difference in Octavia Butler’s “The Evening and the Morning and the Night”." Black and Brown Planets: The Politics of Race in Science Fiction. Ed. Isiah Lavender, III. Jackson, MS: UP of Mississippi, 2014. 65-82. <http://site.ebrary.com/lib/lagcc/reader.action?docID=10951965>

After the summary, copy three quotations from the reading using bullet points.

Assignments due October 14
  1. Read  the short stories "The Book of Martha"  and "Amnesty" and their Afterwords (pdfs on Blackboard; the book is also on reserve in the Library.)
  2. Log on to Wikipedia. Go to your Sandbox, click on Edit, and create a heading titled "The Book of Martha." Create a subheading 1 titled "Summary."  In your own words ONLY, write a 150-word summary of what happens in the story. Do NOT quote. Do NOT closely paraphrase summaries from outside sources, as this is against Wikipedia policy, as explained in the handout "Avoiding plagiarism on Wikipedia."  
  3. Below the summary of "The Book of Martha," create another subheading 1 titled "Quotes." Using bullet points, copy three quotes from the story that you think should be included in the Wikipedia entry on it. 
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for "Amnesty." 
  5. Fill out the form that corresponds to your assigned topic (15 points):
    • "Amnesty" Captivity or Collaboration HEREnathjav, wikiuser103, Amartinez47, Ms. Jan3, Taurus-Rules, ynfantecarmen, lovelyjay0308,
    • "The Book of Martha" The Writer as God HEREMboodoo123, MarcusGotIt, amalia.galvis, DarkNotos, PatrycjaD101
    • Backgrounds for the Stories HERE. dmicua94, A.renee, JulietW78, colo201623,Fshariff101, JustinTaylor21, yadyfirst