Week Eight (11/4)

In Class

Find at what step of the writing process you are. All new versions of your writing go at the very top of the document. 

1. a. Writing the proposal
1. b. Having two classmates peer evaluate the proposal
1.c. Revising the proposal

2. a. Writing the outline
2. b. Having two classmates peer evaluate the outline
2. c. Revising the outline

3. a. Writing the introduction
3. b. Having two classmates peer evaluate the introduction
  • Get together with other people who have printed their introductions. 
  • Share print copies of your introduction with them.
  • Read your introduction out loud uninterruptedly. The rest, listen actively and make notes on their copies of the introduction.
  • As a group, discuss the introduction and fill the Peer Evaluation Form. Return all materials to the author.
  • Repeat for the next group member.
3. c.  Revising the introduction

4. Working on selected parts of the Wikipedia article for Bloodchild and Other Stories

Assignments due 

On Wednesday, November 9 at 9:00AM, I will check your Research Assignments

For Friday, November 11 by the beginning of class:
  • Complete the two quizzes on Blackboard on how to use sources properly (together: 20 points) 
  • Work on the step you told me you would. 
  • Matthew, Natalia, Farhin: First Draft of the Research Essay in Google Groups. 
    • Instructions for the essay HERE.