Week Eight (11/9-11/16)

A. Choose a team to work on sections for the Wikipedia article on Wild Seed:
Editing Team 1. Article sections: Characters; Power struggles; Further reading
Editing Team 2. Article sections: Plot; Contribution to feminist thought
Editing Team 3. Article sections: Reception; Eugenics/Superhuman Mutants; Commentary on New World Slavery
Editing Team 4. Article sections: Backgrounds; Afrocentrism/Afrofuturism; Revision of origin stories

B. Editing the article sections (overall, 100 points):
          Secondary Sources for Wild Seed HERE.

C. Instructions for the Research Paper HERE

D. Reviewing my feedback on your Research Essay Proposal
  • If your research proposal was incomplete (did not fulfill all requirements spelled out HERE), you may turn in a revised, complete proposal for 85 points. 
  • If you did not turn in a proposal, you may turn in a complete late proposal for 75 points.
    • See an example of a proper proposal HERE and  HERE
  • If your proposal was complete: see my comments on your draft. Please move on to a first draft of the essay.
E. Weekly Research Journal Entry - Go to your Sandbox, click on Edit, and create a Level 2 Heading titled "Research Journal Entry ___" Take a few minutes to write Research Journal Entry #8 (10 points) on what you did and learned today.