Week Seven (11/2-11/9)

In Class

A.  Presentation on readings for Research Assignment 5
B.  Review of topics and writing Research Paper Proposal. Instructions HERE
C. Vote on the importance of themes using THIS FORM.
D. Weekly Research Journal Entry - Go to your Sandbox, click on Edit, and create a Level 2 Heading titled "Research Journal Entry ___" Take a few minutes to write Research Journal Entry #7 (10 points) on what you did and learned today. 

Assignment due 11/7 by 9:00AM

Research proposal due on Blackboard (100 points). Instructions HERE.

Assignments due 11/9 
  • Read pages 15-23 of the class packet and review the LaGuardia's Library's Guide to Plagiarism. Complete the Quizzes Understanding Plagiarism (17 points) and Acknowledging Sources (20 points) on Blackboard
  • Complete this Quoting Quiz (8 points) HERE.